Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That crazy fluffy white stuff is BACK....

a close up image of a pine branch covered with snow

We got snow today....YIPPEE SKIPPY.  Can you tell that I am excited?  ......NOT!  Gosh, I am so over this white stuff and so ready for spring.  Enough already....will it ever just get here?  We got dumped on so much that, okay I hate to admit this but it was actually kind of pretty to see on the trees.   My winter hater personality cringes to even hear that snow may be pretty and worthy of enjoyment. Oh I so can not believe that thought even came to my mind.  Did I seriously just give mother nature credit for dumping an un Godly amount of snow on us?

Well, it was pretty enough that it prompted me to have a CSD moment.  *sigh, lucky for you!  ....and me.

A lady was watching me take the picture....I was thinking to myself that she must be thinking that I have to be one of those "crazy photographers".  I announced to her "Pay no attention to me, I am just having a crazy moment with a desire to take a picture of this fluffly white stuff and oddly enough my mind is telling me that it is actually kind of pretty."  She chuckled and agreed...

When you have low temperature, your feet are cold; when you have high temperature, your head is hot.  

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