Thursday, June 30, 2011

Enjoying the early morning perks...

So this was one of the first vacations where I did not have to get up at the crack of dawn in order to secure a chaise lounge to lay on for the entire day.  There were ample amounts to choose from even up to ten o'clock.

On previous vacations, in order to claim temporary property on my chaise lounge for the day, there is usually a little bit of work .  Typically at any of the hotel/resorts that I have stayed at in Mexico, I have to wake up earlier than I normally would at home so that I can rush down to the pool or beach, tie my beach towel on the chair and throw my flip flops on top of the towel.  The other grueling task if you are staying at a all-inclusive resort is that they typically make you sign up in the morning with your restaurant of choice for that evening in order to make sure you are eating at a fancier "on site restaurant" verses the "hotel buffet."  You must make damn sure that you don't hit the snooze button in order to make the reservation list!  I know, it sounds like I am talking crazy talk, but it is the truth I tell you!  Resorts should promote a new marketing idea...."come to our resort where you can be assured you'll have a wonderful meal and a relaxing seat on the beach without out the stress of having to reserve it in advance....we'll do it for you!  With this vacation perk promotion.... you get to sleep in on your vacation!"

The fact that I did not have to rise early for all this hoopla and actually got to sleep in on my vacation this time around was a new concept for me!  So the drawback of not having to arm wrestle someone for a morning chair was a small shock to my system and secondly, being able to sleep in meant that I missed a lot of beautiful early morning sunrises!    

So on my last day of vacation, I was awake fairly early as the hotel bed was giving me a backache.  The whole week the bed was comfortable so this must of been a sign of destiny to make me rise for the occasion.  Instead of just laying there in pain, I decided to get up and check out what was going on down at the beach.  I am so glad I did as someone was enjoying the sunrise without me! I almost missed this amazing *CSD moment with my camera as it was cold enough in our room with the air conditoner running that when I brought the camera outside to take a picture, the lens would not "defog". Eventually it did and I was able to capture this moment. I really did not see this gentleman enjoying the sunset until I zoomed in. I kind of felt like a eavesdropper on his moment of enjoyment, but heck, it was totally worth it. LOL

This shot was taken from the Fusion Hotel in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.  

image of a man on the beach enjoying the sunrise in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, at the Fusion Hotel
image of the sunrise at the beach in front of the Fusion Hotel in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Take pleasure in the simple things in life.

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