Monday, July 4, 2011

Seagull Toed...

You have heard of Pigeon toed, right?  Well, this little blog CSD moment is about the Seagull toed...

The last day of my vacation I took a stroll down the beach and ran into a group of seagulls hanging out enjoying the morning sunrise.  I though it would be a good photo opportunity.

It seems like my picture adventures always seem to turn into something else. I seem to stumble on things beyond my first attempts.  After I took my first snap shot, I ventured closer taking my chances that they would not fly away.  I was pleasantly surprised as I got closer, I started to see huge amounts of seagull foot prints in the sand.  It was like 3D-art style to me!  It looked like a cool print almost leaf like in shape.  It was new to me as I've never really seen anything quite like it.  The morning dew must of made the sand moist enough to hold the cool foot print shape and the human traffic had not been around to ruin it.   I was so excited to discover something new but had no one to share it with.  So now, I am sharing it with you!
seagull standing in the sand on the beach
seagull standing in the sand on the beach catching the morning sunrise

seagull foot prints in the sand

human feet and seagull foot prints in the sand in Playa Del Carmen Mexico

seagull foot prints with the early morning sunrise rays hitting the sand

A bird watcher is a person who listens to birds with a pair of binoculars.  

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