Thursday, August 18, 2011

Duck, Duck and no goose...

It was early morning, everyone else in the room was sleleping but my back was killing me as I laid in the hotel sofa sleeper bed wide awake.  I thought to myself "self, you can lay here on this thing they call a make shift bed in pain or sneak out on the balcony to get some fresh air and get rid of the pain." I took the second choice.

I was pleasantly surprised...ducks, ducks and more ducks!  I got me 'ol camera out and shifted into CSD gear!  Amazingly enough, I was taking these pictures quite some distance away from the ducks.  I was in a building,  on the second floor balcony and the ducks were about 20 feet from the building.  I believe I was pretty much in full zoomed mode on my camera to get a close up but as you can tell from the "before" images, they still looked far away. The focus detail is not the greatest but not bad for the distance.

I'm telling you, I'm learning that object placement and cropping is essential for photo emphasis.  Putting an object dead center of a photo while taking a photo is a first impluse but the process of cropping the object off centered makes for a much better end result.  I find that searching the image for the best cropping spot after it is taken is like finding a lost treasure.  These were kind of plain Jane pictures, but once I cropped them and clicked on the Apple MacBook Pro image enhance wand, they took on a whole new story!  I will try to include a before and after image.  Of course the larger images directly below are the cropped after versions.  The last image will show all three in their before stage.  

I love the end result of these images.  The clover was non existent in the before cropping images.  I really did not even notice the clover there while taking the picture.  But once I zoomed in for cropping ...tadah,  the clover magically appeared!  No lucky leprechaun in the clover, but it makes for a nice backdrop on the photos with the little white blooms and the ducks nestled amongst them. These ducks were my entertainment for the morning while I was watching them.  I know, I lead quite an exciting life.   

Don't aim for success, just do what you love and believe in and it will come naturally.

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