Saturday, August 20, 2011


I've seen flowers at the farmer's market before and yes they are pretty and all...but typically they look kind of major wild flower looking, sometimes droopy and scraggly.... but oh boy, either I wasn't looking hard enough before or my eye sight has taken a turn for the better.

Today's display of blooms at the market were exceptionally beautiful!  I suppose a lot of outdoor blooms are in peak season right now too, which would explain the flower power show today.  Trust me, I am in the wholesale floral industry so I notice these things.  I typically don't get all giddy with flowers as when you work with them constantly for a career, you kind of become... you know, desensitized.  So when I saw all the wonderful varieties and colors of heart started to race.  I got the CSD urge to take some snapshots, so grab your seat for an explosion of color show!  Too bad there is no smellavision with today's computers...

Our new slogan at work is "Love People...Give them Flowers!"  So here I am in a virtual sense, sharing the love with you...awe ;)

These flower bouquets were located at the farmer's market in beautiful downtown Appleton Wisconsin . 

Nature's pretty lucky…I don't think I could get away with wearing that many colors at once and still look good. 

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