Monday, August 22, 2011

The opening act!

I was on my way out the door to fetch our "to go" order of fried chicken when out of the blue sky was an incredible bunch of sun rays just streaming out of the clouds. I started scrambling through my purse for my camera .... "shoot, I left it at home!"  I was bumming as I know how fast these sunsets can transpire and disappear.  I went with the flow and continued on to the restaurant admiring the beautiful rays of light pouring out of the clouds.  As I drove viewing this incredible sight, I was thinking it was still fairly early in the evening and if the chicken was ready to go once I got there that that I may have a fighting chance of getting this incredible visual on the camera after all.   I'm telling you, I was starting to also think, seriously, I must be off my bloody rocker for getting all pumped up about this sunset!

I was in luck! The restaurant was quick and fast!  I grabbed it and I was back out the door to do the CSD dash.  Once I got back to the house, I quickly sat the order of fried chicken on the counter top and scrambled to find the camera.  As I am searching for the camera, I am also yelling out to the family ... "you've got to see this sunset, it's uniquely beautiful!"  Did they budge to come outside?  No.  They just looked at the crazy lunatic with a blank deer in the headlights look and continued on with whatever they were doing.  Oh well, it's kind of like that catching the big fish and having no one there to validate that you really in fact caught the fish.  Then having to throw the fish back in the water.  The camera never does give justice to the actual visual of seeing the sunset in person!

Anyways, so I was in luck, a quick find of the camera and back out the door I went!  The visual of sun rays had faded some in all that matter of time from when I first spotted it, but I was still able to get a quick snap shot of it's fading glory.

Once you take a look at these pictures then go to the next in line blog insertion titled "Exceptionally Stunning" and you will see the grand finale! 

All people of action are dreamers.

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